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Second Chance for Greyhounds is saddened to learn of the passing of our founder, Helen Banks. Without her dedication, hundreds if not thousands of dogs would not have found their forever homes and brought joy into their families lives. Helen was still doing adoptions up until her final years. Even though she no longer had a presence with our group, our group wouldn't exit without her. Thank you Helen for all you did!

Mission Statement:
Second Chance for Greyhounds rescues retired racing greyhounds, matches them with loving families and
promotes adoption through education and awareness.

We're on You Tube

Have you ever wondered where our dogs come from and what it's like when we get them? Here's a little video that kind of shows the cycle of getting dogs from the racetracks into homes. Just click on the link below.

Greyhounds from tracks into homes.


Second Chance for Greyhounds Information:
Our organization was founded in 1986 by Helen Banks of Bonita Springs, Florida. Helen was one of the first people to organize and rescue ex-racers, inspired when she discovered the reality of what happens to this graceful breed of dog when they no longer "make the grade" at the race track. Second Chance for Greyhounds expanded into Michigan in 1990. Since then we have placed hundreds of dogs in Michigan and surrounding states. Second Chance for Greyhounds focuses on quality adoptions and quality companion animals. We also take older greyhounds and special-needs greyhounds because they deserve a second chance as well.

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